DARQA 35 yearsDARQA’s purpose is to provide its ~300 members a platform enabling them to exchange current thinking, new developments and regulatory interpretation so as to establish continuous learning.

We provide status and visibility for individuals concerned with the quality of Life Sciences (R&D and manufacturing), healthcare and food/feed sectors.

DARQA is dedicated to involving GxP and Healthcare Inspectors in activities so as to strive for mutual understanding and stimulate a converging process supporting our motto: ‘Collaboration upfront rather than confrontation during an inspection’.

 DARQA does  this by:

- Organising events, workshops and/or network meetings (called cafés) where members can meet and share knowledge together;

- Providing information through this website and the publication of newsletters;

- Assessing and commenting on new legislation and regulations;

- Maintaining external contacts with inspectorates and associations;

- Participating in (inter) national forums and symposiums.                                                                                                                    DARQA 35 years

- Promoting the expertise of DARQA’s members in the field of Quality Assurance and the recognition of DARQA as a centre of excellence

- Maintaining and encouraging contact with governmental bodies and other organisations that have similar fields of interest to DARQA