Membership of DARQA is an individual membership and is open to all who are active in the Life Science Industry, in research and development organizations or organizations and institutions cooperating with them, or who are independently involved in:

  • the implementation of the supervision of compliance with Good Practices (GxP) and other prevailing quality (assurance) systems (for example ISO, GAMP), and/or
  • the implementation, management or supervision of these systems.
This is a deliberately broad definition and means that the association is not only open to members who work in quality assurance but that others, such as CRAs, study leaders, management of executive departments or companies, IT people, archivists, etc., are very welcome , as long as they work in one of the aforementioned areas.

What are the benefits of a DARQA membership?


  • Free attendance at DARQA events
  • Participation in DARQA events can be specified as a reference in your qualifications
  • During DARQA events there is always sufficient opportunity to ask questions and network.


  • Membership offers the possibility to exchange information in the field of regulations, GxP, ISO, GAMP etc. and new developments
  • Access to the online member list
  • Career opportunities


  • For the latest news and updates
  • Regulation and quality related information
  • Links to a wide range of related websites
  • Advanced site search and DARQA events

There are functions and features on the website (Login) that are only available to members such as the ability to search the member list and download presentations given during the DARQA events.

What does it cost?

The membership fee for membership of DARQA is € 80 per calendar year. This contribution is due in full per calendar year in which one is a member, regardless of the starting date of the membership.

Join Now!

After registration you will receive a registration message which you must confirm via the received link. It is then examined whether your function and tasks fit within the defined target group. If so, you will receive a confirmation with an invoice for payment of the contribution. After confirming receipt of payment by our treasurer, you can participate in DARQA events and you will have access to the member section of the website (Login).

If desired, you will be contacted for an introduction to DARQA with regard to the structure of the organization, the activities and which contacts DARQA has with other organizations.

Terminate membership?

You can unsubscribe from membership after Login in the Members' Area
Cancellation must be received by us no later than 31 December, otherwise we assume that you will renew your membership.

More information?

If you wish to receive further information about DARQA you can send a message to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.